Golf Format & Rules

This is the inaugural year for the KIWI AMATEUR TEAM CHALLENGE held between 3 December and 15th April 2018.

There will be 20 tournaments around the North Island.

The idea came from discussions that an Amateur Teams event should be held to enable Club members and their friends to win a national title.

Each participating golf club will run its tournament under the rules of the Royal and Ancient and all clubs reserve the right to set any local rules that they see fit.

It is the Club’s responsibility to produce a winning team, confirm all rulings, scoring and any count-backs etc.

All Clubs will operate a fair draw for a shotgun start. The format is best three scores of the four Stableford on each hole. To keep everyone within the rules of golf, teams of four will be split on the day so that two players from each team will play with two from another team, their scores still count for their entered team. The Club will organise which pairs play with who.

There are to be no gimmies and in the interest of fast play, if a player can’t score a Stableford point he/she must pick up.

Teams must be made up with either men or women but not mixed and all players must have an official 18 hole New Zealand Golf handicap. In the case of women playing in the same tournament as men then the Clubs normal rules apply where the women receive extra shots depending on the course rating.  We suggest that where possible the Club makes it equitable and play the men off of a back tee so that there are as few shots as possible having to be given.  If shots are given then they must be given at the beginning of the tournament and not simply added at the end.

Prizes will go down to the fifth team with two nearest the pin holes. The winning team will win a trip to play in the final at Wairakei International staying at the fabulous Wairakei Resort for two nights. 

Players who qualify for the final must play off the handicap index that they won their local event on or lower if their index has dropped.

In the interest of speed of play all finalists must use an electric golf cart, this has been paid for.

In the event that the team has to replace a team member due to sickness or for another reason, this will be allowed, however as New Zealand Golf will be running the final, they reserve the right to look back over the history of any player and adjust that player’s handicap index if deemed appropriate.

The WINNING TEAM at the final will win a trip for four including flights and accommodation to Australia for seven nights playing at some great courses on the Sunshine Coast. This trip has been sponsored by Charlie’s Golf Tours.